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With This Ring (Young Justice SI) (Thread Twelve) | Page 1950

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Mr Zoat said: ↑ My assumption is that Sinestro didn’t break the letter of the law, coming to power by popular acclaim rather than force of ring. Otherwise the Guardians come off as looking rather stupid. Click to expand… Click to shrink… Huh. My brain remembers it as being that Korugar was kind of a mess, with civilization struggling to hold on in the face of near-constant wars, political backstabbing, and other failures of those in power. Seeing the Guardians of the Universe and their eons-old order gave him a sense of hope and idealism that he then tried to carry home, thinking he could use his new position of GLC representative to start changing things. Except it failed. It failed again and again and again, until Sinestro looked down at a world which had gotten no closer to peace in decades of work on his part, at all the various demagogues and crimelords and politicians who’d undermined him, or exploited him, or written him off as a pawn of some alien dictatorship, and he said “no more.”
Korugar had never made much of a footprint in the galaxy as a whole; they’d been too busy fighting each other to ever make extrasolar connections beyond a few cases where powerful people cut deals with alien smugglers or slavers and the like. Nobody in the GLC had any reason to question Sinestro’s reports on his homeworld, since he was already a veteran by the time he went rogue.

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