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Well, going to try to catch up. Probably won’t be in for the next few days.
Wed. I did the South Beach Diet Super Charged DVD. Then we had a Newcomer general meeting, ceramics at night. Today I did a Kathy Smith Lift Weights to Lose Weight DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Kelly Coffee Meyers Shape Up DVD.
Volunteered at the Green Room today, then cut the grass.
Tomorrow I’m driving to VA, will stay with Jess, then we’ll drive to PA for a bridesmaid dress shopping, then back to VA. I was planning to come home on Sun but Jess asked me to stay so I can see her horseback riding lesson. I’ll borrow her weights, exercise, then come home.
Went to AC Moore tonight to go to a meeting where they help you with needlework, but there wasn’t anyone there. Actually, that was a blessing in disguise so I’m making a pork roast for later in the week (something I won’t need to rush to do when I get home), put water bottles in the car (for some reason I get so very thirsty in the car), got almost everything packed to take to Jess (just have a few refrigerated items for her), packed my food (I usually stop at rest areas to eat). Now I’m here trying to get caught up before I go to VA.
Oh, let me tell you about Pete’s mother’s newest thing. Denise called here to ask us if we thought Jess would like this robe that said “Maid of Honor” on it. We did, but before Denise could order it, Pete’s mother bought 3 robes, all of them saying “bridesmaid”. Well, Denise told her that Jess’ had to say “Maid of Honor” so Denise ordered another one. She texted us a picture of both of them and they are so very very different. Denise said that Pete’s mother said the place where she got the robes didn’t have a Maid of Honor one. Really? You have to have at least one witness to a wedding, so the chances of having a Maid of Honor are greater. There’s nothing that says you have to have a bridesmaid.
Anyway, Denise was going to ask his mother to return hers. While we were talking to Denise his mother called so Denise said she would call us back. When she did she said that she thought she’d keep the three that said “bridesmaid”. After all (according to her, influenced I’m sure by Pete’s mother) it’s only one day and the writing is on the back, no one will see it. Vince was LIVID!!! Talk about a slap in the face to Jess.
Then his mother says that she doesn’t think she can return them since she threw out the packing material. Come on! She got them from Amazon. If anyone is good about returns, it’s Amazon.
This weekend should be very interesting. I understand that she asked Denise for Jess’ phone number. My only guess would be that she’s going to plan the bridal shower, and I know that this isn’t going to sit well at all with Jess.
We shall see what happens. Stay tuned
katla – her dogs also like the ribs from the head of cauliflower. Go figure!!!
I wanted to make the hosts for Denise’s wedding, and I sent her a sample. However, the priest said that he couldn’t be absolutely sure about the ingredients so he nixed the idea. Really, if I was a regular parishioner there, he probably would have made an exception. But he doesn’t know me. At least Denise knows that I wanted to and was willing.
I did find this place in FL that would make the placq for me. Looks like we’ll HAVE to go to FL (which is what I wanted to do anyway). Someone at the Green Room was saying that what they did for their daughter was take a big platter, everyone at the reception signed it, then she had someone go over the signature with black paint, had the platter glazed, fired, and gave it to the girl. When I go up this weekend, I’ll run by Denise and ask her if she’d like me to do something like that. The gal at our ceramics place said that she’d write over the names. I told her that I’d pay her. At first she said “no” but I know it’s very labor intensive.
Sharon – happy belated birthday!
It’s a beautiful day today, but I understand that I’m going to be driving in the rain (boo).
Made homemade dog biscuits to give to Jess (she’ll be watching a dog) and to Denise. Also have chocolate chip cookies for them. Made this chicken alfredo to take to Jess and a chicken stir fry. I know that with Colby out of work, money is tight for her. That’s one of the reasons I think she wants me to come up, so we can use my car/gas. That’s OK.
dana – doing a happy dance for you
Welcome everyone new
Lanette – I’ve gone to the shooting range with Vince. I tell you, by the time I get to pull the trigger, a robber would have come and gone.
Cheri – congrats on your weight!
Yvonne – happy belated birthday! Glad you enjoyed the yoga class even if it did kick your butt
dana – I’m sorry your mom won’t talk to you
DJ – Jess likes the ribs on Romaine, too. It’s just that this gal’s dogs like them so much. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably give Vince the ribs, too
Just got the quad cane that we have to loan to a friend who had a stroke and is recovering. We usually give her a ride to the Newcomer general and Board meetings. We asked her if she’d like a ride to the baseball game that they’re going to have tomorrow (which might get rained out) but she said she’d drive herself. Maybe she feels funny going with just vince since I won’t be there unless it is rained out. Then I can probably make it for the rain date.
barbie – I’m sorry to hear about the stress Jake is experiencing. I like Becca’s idea of doing something funny when he gets stressed. It could very well change his demeanor
machka – loved reading about your place. So sorry you had DVT, glad your hubby got you to the Dr.
Allie and everyone else concerned about health insurance – remember that any bill goes thru the House and then the Senate. The Senate will propose their version which probably won’t be anything like the one that went thru the House. It very well may take years before they come to something that both agree on, and it most likely won’t look anything at all like what the House passed.
dana – gorgeous picture of you and your hubby. Stay safe
Lisa – so happy for Corey. I’m sure not being able to work drove him nuts (and you, too). I can totally understand your feeling. Vent anytime at all.
Michele in NC
May 12, 2017 1:13AM