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Write a C++ program by isurocks777

Total Bids 4 Project Description
Write a stock market simulator game that runs for 30 days and on Monday through Friday allows the player to BUY or SELL up to four stocks keeping track of their current funds. The stocks should trend up or down in one of three patterns (up, down or stable) in 3-8 day patterns that vary enough so they are not immediately obvious. The simulator should also have business information for the three stocks involved which need to be stored as structured data.
Part One:
Write a program that stores structured data for Apple (APPL), Chipotle (CMG), Disney (DIS) and Tesla Motors (TSLA). Search reuters news and the company stock name to get basic information to store for Company Overview (About information), Revenue, Average Volume, 52-week High/Low and Current Chairman. Put it into your program as structured data and allow the user to pull up this information within your program and later within the game. Added data from Reuters news as an RTF file. You can read it from the file which you can alter or embed it into your program. Also an example output when stock info in the game is requested in appleout.txt.
Part Two:
Randomly assign each stock in the background on of three states (going up, stable, going down) but give it enough variation so it is a little difficult for the player to immediately predict the state then change the state of the stock every 3-8 days in the game. The player starts with $100,000 and the player can buy or sell any of the four stocks each day up to the amount of money that they currently have in their bank account and/or just move on to the next day. Play starts on a Monday and goes for 30 days but remember to skip Saturday and Sunday as those are not stock trading days. Set a money goal for the player and congratulate them if they reach that goal. Chart the stocks if possible for the player and remember to include company information for them. Extra credit to add stock rumors within the game that might help or hinder the player.

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