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XAU/USD & XAG/USD – Gold & Silver FX Traders Thread – Page 2055

rooz XAU/USD & XAG/USD – Gold & Silver FX Traders Thread – Page 2055 image

Quoting Mr.Dan Disliked We are still in a downtrend from 2011. Dont see it going higher than 1280. {image} Ignored Well, It did. 1286 atm
Quoting gold-analyst Disliked Finally time to short gold at 1282 level {image} Ignored Finally it’s 1286 atm
Quoting jorgen.fx Disliked Shorted gold 1257 and have a sell limit at 1261. TP 1249. I think bulls running out of gas, we’ll see. Ignored hmmmm. why?
Quoting mmo1991 Disliked {Quote: } I am selling at 1272.9 Ignored ouc . why?
Quoting Visionary Disliked {Quote: } Good day to everyone and hope you are having a great weekend. A quick update before we start the week. We currently have a Short Term flip being Bearish, against 1256.xx and Mid Term still Bullish against 1205.xx flip with upward climb for the coming days and Long Term against 1224.xx which will be flat for the coming days. Friday we had fix break above 1263.xx with money being left on the table at 1266.xx, Wednesday will be the end of the first Bank Settlement week period for the Second quarterly, 1231.xx has money on the table so last… Ignored You keep flipping your calls and losing money on the way. 1

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